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The night was dark and mysterious, like it always is when I’m out prowling the streets. My fur was soft and warm against my skin, as I walked around looking for something to keep me busy. I had been feeling a bit lonely lately, so when I saw an alleyway that seemed secluded enough for some fun, my pulse began to quicken. The idea of secret sex, away from prying eyes and judgmental stares gave me a rush that sent shivers down my spine.

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I made sure no one was around before stepping into the alleyway. The walls were cold on either side of me but that didn’t stop me from exploring further into the darkness. After a few minutes walking, I stumbled upon an old abandoned building with boarded up windows and graffiti scrawled across its walls. It looked like it hadn’t been touched in ages – perfect for what I had in mind!

My heart raced as I entered the building, ready to explore all its nooks and crannies with someone special by my side. As soon as my paws hit the ground inside, a voice called out from one of the rooms – “Hey there! What are you doing here?” To my surprise, another furry was standing in front of me; their face hidden beneath layers of thick fur just like mine. We stood there speechless for several moments before they finally broke the awkward silence by asking if I wanted to join them for some naughty fun?

At first thought this sounded crazy – after all who does this kind of thing? But then again why not? No one would ever know what we were up to back here in this dark corner of town…and besides who could resist such an inviting offer? So without hesitation we exchanged numbers and arranged a time to meet back at this same spot later that evening – where we could both indulge our furry desires together without anyone finding out about it!

When nightfall came around again we met up at our secret hideaway once more; ready to explore each other’s bodies through passionate embraces beneath our thick coats of fur…We explored every inch of each other’s bodies making sure not leave any spot untouched as we kissed and caressed each other until neither one us could take anymore pleasure…We even tried out some furry porn games during our time together which added extra spice to already thrilling experience!

Eventually however reality set back in and with it came tiredness so eventually we said goodbye until next time…That night may have only lasted a few hours but it still remains etched deeply within memory; forever reminding me how important having secrets can be

Traci Catarina

Hi! I'm an independent furry webcam model. I'm excited to show my fun-loving and friendly personality on camera! I've been in the fandom for many years now, and I just love being a furry. It's something that really makes me happy and it's amazing to be able to express myself through art and performance. I like performing for people online, as it gives me a chance to get creative and come up with unique ideas. It's also great because I can work from home, which means that I can set my own hours and still have plenty of time for other interests or hobbies. I enjoy interacting with fans online, as it helps build relationships between us all. We are all part of this wonderful community after all! When it comes to my performances, I like to keep things lighthearted yet entertaining at the same time. Whether it's singing along to some of your favorite songs or simply chatting about life - you'll always find something here that you'll enjoy! Of course, safety is key when doing anything online - so please know that any tips should be sent via PayPal (which is totally secure!). That way we can both feel safe while having fun together :) Thanks for checking out my page - hope you come back soon!