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We were both looking for something new, something to spice up our relationship. We had tried different things but nothing gave us the kind of excitement we wanted. That’s when we heard about chairbate. We were intrigued by what it was and decided to give it a try.


We joined a popular porn webcam site and began exploring different videos and models that caught our eye. After browsing around for awhile, we found ourselves mesmerized by all the possibilities available on this website. From couples having sex in various positions to solo performers showing off their talents, there seemed to be no end to what we could enjoy together!

Once we felt comfortable with the idea of chairbate, we decided to take the plunge and start broadcasting our own show. It was an exhilarating experience! We took turns playing out some of our fantasies with each other while being watched by an audience from all over the world. The reactions were immediate as people started messaging us compliments and words of encouragement after every performance!

Although chairbate brought us closer than ever before, it wasn’t just about pleasing others; it also helped us discover more about ourselves and pushed us outside of our comfort zones in ways neither one of us expected possible before joining this website! With time, our performances became more daring as did our explorations with each other in private sessions away from the camera lens. Chairbate allowed us both to feel comfortable expressing ourselves sexually without any judgement or fear – a truly liberating experience for both of us!

Nowadays, chairbate has become an essential part of our lives as a couple – something that has not only brought joy into our relationship but also deepened its intimacy levels beyond anything either one of us imagined before trying it out for ourselves!

Tildi Alys

Hi! We are a couple who have recently started working as webcam models. We’ve been together for quite some time now, and we’ve always had a passion for exploring our sensuality in front of an audience. So when the idea of being webcams models came up, we thought it was the perfect way to do something that we both love and make some money out of it too! At first, starting out as cam models felt quite daunting - neither of us had any prior experience with this kind of thing. But soon enough, we learned the ropes and got comfortable with performing in front of an online audience. And since then, it’s been really fun! We get to show off our naughty side while having a good time doing it. We perform all kinds of shows - from solo performances to group shows and even private sessions if someone is willing to pay for them. Our favorite type of show is when we work together though; being able to share these intimate moments with each other makes it so much better than just performing alone. Plus, knowing that there are people out there enjoying what they see adds an extra level of excitement to our performances! Our fans mean everything to us; without their support none of this would be possible. We love interacting with them during our shows and getting feedback about what they like or want us to do more often (hint: strip teasing is always popular!). It’s also great hearing about how our videos have helped inspire others on their own journey towards self-discovery and sexual exploration – that means a lot to us too! Overall, working as webcam models has been an amazing experience so far – one that allows us both express ourselves in ways that few other jobs can offer. If you ever want to join us on this journey then come say hi sometime – you won't regret it!