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It all started when we began to feel bored at home. We had been together for years and wanted to spice up our relationship, but weren’t sure how. After a few conversations with friends, we decided to try something daring and join an adult webcam site – Chaturbate!


At first it felt strange. We both agreed that the idea of being watched by strangers was a bit daunting, yet strangely exciting at the same time. We decided to give it a go anyway and created our profiles on the site. Choosing usernames was one of the most fun parts – Rachelle went with ‘HotTease’ while Terrence chose ‘XxSeXXyMann’. With that done, we were ready to start broadcasting live shows!

The first show was nerve-wracking but also really thrilling as well. Knowing that people from all over the world were watching us made it even more intense. Although there were some awkward moments here and there, overall it went really well and we ended up getting lots of compliments from viewers who enjoyed our performance! This encouraged us to keep going and soon enough, our shows became pretty successful on Chaturbate.

We managed to make quite a lot of money too! We found out about different tips that viewers could send us in exchange for special requests or private shows. This allowed us to save up quite a bit of cash which came in handy when paying bills or buying groceries each month. It felt great knowing that we had this extra income coming in from something so out of the ordinary!

One year later and here we are still happily sharing our performances on Chaturbate every day! Although sometimes things can get hectic with juggling work, family life and streaming all at once – it’s definitely worth it in the end because nothing beats feeling like you’re putting smiles on other people’s faces even if they’re miles away from you! Plus, what else would be better than making money while having fun?

Our journey into Chaturbate has been an incredible experience so far; full of excitement, laughter (and sometimes tears) but mostly joy! Who knows where this adventure will take us next? All we know is that thanks to Chaturbate – anything is possible!

Rachelle Kalli

Hi everyone! My name is X and my partner's name is Y. We are a couple that recently started working as webcam models. We have both been in the industry for some time now, so we decided to combine our experience and talents to make something special. We live a lifestyle that many people would call unconventional, but it works for us. We don't let anyone else's opinion define us or tell us what our relationship should look like. Instead, we enjoy exploring the boundaries of our own sexuality together in an open relationship. This includes enjoying each other's company through sex work as well as exploring our own interests outside of it with friends and family alike. When we're online you can expect to see a variety of activities from us including camming, private shows, custom clips, fetish videos and even virtual dates if you're interested! No matter what kind of content you're looking for we guarantee that you'll find something exciting with us since no two shows are ever the same! We get off on making others happy by providing them with an experience they won't forget - whether it be naughty or nice! Our goal is always to create a safe space where all kinds of fantasies can come alive without any judgement or shame attached to them. In addition to being creative and passionate about what we do, both of us also strive to give back when possible by donating part of our earnings towards charities that support causes near and dear to our hearts such as animal welfare, mental health awareness & LGBTQ+ rights initiatives just to name a few! In conclusion, we hope that everyone who chooses to spend time with us feels comfortable enough to express themselves freely without fear or judgement - after all isn't this why most people choose webcamming in the first place? Thanks for reading and hope you feel inspired enough join in on the fun soon too!