Stripping My Inhibitions

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I had heard of StipChat, a webcam site that allows you to chat and get paid for it. The idea intrigued me, so I decided to give it a try. After signing up for an account, I was ready to go.


The first few days were nerve-wracking as I tried to figure out how everything worked. It took some time getting used to the interface and finding my way around the different features. Once I got the hang of things though, I started having more fun with it all.

At first, most of my conversations with other members were pretty tame and innocent; we’d just talk about our day or what we did over the weekend. But gradually people started asking me more suggestive questions and making requests for me to do certain activities on camera in exchange for money or tokens. Feeling daring one night, I decided why not? So there I went – stripping off my inhibitions (and clothes) while chatting away on StipChat!

It was surprisingly liberating being able to express myself without any judgement from anyone else; it felt like no one else mattered but us in that moment. Plus, earning money from this wasn’t bad either! As time went by however, people began requesting even more risqué activities which made me feel uncomfortable at times and uncertain if this was really something I wanted to do anymore.

Fortunately after talking with some of my friends who also used StipChat – they gave me encouragement and helped remind me that nothing is wrong with enjoying yourself while simultaneously making an honest living doing something you enjoy doing too! With their support and advice, soon enough things began feeling normal again as well as exciting! And now when someone asks if they can see something special on cam – there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m more than happy to oblige them because hey… why not?!