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It all started when Montague and I had been dating for a few months. We were both fairly adventurous in the bedroom, but after experiencing some fantastic sex together, we decided to take things up a notch. We wanted to spice up our love life even more and began researching different ways of doing so. That’s when we came across “chsturb”.


Chsturb was an online adult webcam site that allowed couples to engage in sexual activities with each other while being watched by viewers on the website. It seemed like the perfect way for us to take our relationship to the next level – both sexually and emotionally. We spent hours talking about it, discussing pros and cons, weighing out our options before finally making a decision: we would join chsturb.

We spent weeks preparing ourselves for what lay ahead: setting ground rules, discussing boundaries, establishing safety precautions and getting comfortable with each other’s bodies. When we finally felt ready, we decided it was time to take the plunge into chsturb.

Our first experience on chsturb was nerve-wracking yet exhilarating at the same time; neither of us knew what to expect or even how people would react! But as soon as we went live, there were hundreds of viewers watching us within seconds! The comments were overwhelming; everyone had something nice (or naughty!) to say about us! As Montague and I got more comfortable with performing on camera over time, so did our viewership grow exponentially – something that still amazes me today!

Throughout our journey on Chsturb, Montague and I have grown immensely as individuals – both physically and emotionally – learning valuable lessons about ourselves in the process. We’ve become more self-confident in bed (and outside) while exploring new sides of ourselves through various kinks that neither one of us knew existed prior joining Chsturb! We’ve also had many memorable experiences together such as becoming ‘fans favourites’ amongst chstubers or even receiving wedding proposals from devoted followers who loved seeing us perform together!

Ultimately though, this experience has helped strengthen our bond further than ever before; learning how far beyond physical intimacy exists between two people is truly remarkable! Despite facing occasional backlash from family/friends regarding our unconventional lifestyle choice – which admittedly isn’t always easy – understanding that what matters most is staying true to ourselves & each other is ultimately what keeps us going strong today… And joining chsturb certainly helped get us there faster than expected 😉

– A Couple’s Journey On Chstbur

Kristyn Vivyan

I'm a webcam model, and I work with my partner. We started this journey together as a couple about six months ago, and it's been an incredible experience so far. We both enjoy the industry, but for different reasons. For me, working in front of the camera lets me express my creativity in ways that I never imagined before. It gives me the opportunity to show people different sides of myself - from flirty to serious - while still feeling comfortable and safe doing so. Working with my partner makes it even better because we can create unique scenes or scenarios together that no one else has thought of before! On top of being creative, I also take pride in providing quality service to our viewers. We always try to make sure everyone is having a great time watching us perform online while feeling supported by our presence. To do this, we make sure we're always prepared for each session by researching new styles or poses beforehand and making sure any props needed are easily accessible when needed! My partner enjoys the challenge and freedom that comes with performing on cam more than anything else. He loves getting feedback from our viewers so he can refine his own skills on camera and find ways to entertain them further! Plus, it's just plain fun for him too – he gets a real kick out of playing dress up and creating exciting storylines for us to act out during our shows! Overall, being a webcam model has been an amazing experience for both of us! Not only do we get to be creative every day but also provide our audience something unique they won't find anywhere else – all while having fun ourselves along the way!