The Forbidden Pleasures of the Furry World

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As a furry, I know there are certain pleasures that can only be experienced in our world. We have access to things that others can’t possibly understand, and it often leads me down paths I never thought I’d take. But what was truly unexpected was when those paths led me to an entirely different experience – one of forbidden pleasure.

Furry Costumes

It all began one night at the local furmeet-up. I had been attending these events since they first started, and while we were all dressed up in our furry costumes, the atmosphere was always lighthearted and fun. That is until someone suggested we try something new – secret sex! At first everyone laughed off the suggestion, but then one by one people began to warm up to the idea until finally everyone agreed.

We decided to meet up at a nearby hotel for our secret rendezvous. Everyone got dressed up in their furry costumes and made sure no one else knew where they were going or why they were there – it was all done out of respect for everyone’s privacy. When we arrived at the hotel room, some of us were nervous but most of us were excited about what lay ahead. We quickly changed into lingerie or kinky clothing as appropriate and took turns exploring each other’s bodies with intense passion – although none more so than my own partner for that evening!

The pleasure we experienced that night went beyond anything I had ever felt before – especially since it was a completely new experience for both of us! It almost seemed like nothing else mattered except enjoying this moment together without worrying about anyone else knowing or judging us; it felt liberating and exciting – two emotions rarely found together in our daily lives outside of this secret world we had entered into together on this special evening.

Afterwards we said goodbye with promises to keep our activities hidden from prying eyes; even though many months have passed since then, not a single word has been spoken between any of us involved that day about what happened between us inside that hotel room (at least not yet). But despite its secrecy, I still think back on those moments fondly whenever I’m wearing my furry costumes; reminding myself how important it is to embrace experiences such as these every once in awhile if only just to feel alive again like I did on that magical

Kerry Candida

Hi, I'm a furry and I recently started working as a webcam model. I'm excited to be part of this community and explore all the possibilities it has to offer! I wear my fur suit whenever I'm online, which makes me feel more confident and comfortable in front of the camera. It's also great for entertaining my viewers - when they see me in it, they know they're going to have a fun time! My fursona is an orange fox with yellow eyes and white muzzle, so that's what you'll usually see me wearing. I love interacting with my fans – whether we talk about our favorite topics or just chat about life in general. The best thing about being a webcam model is that it gives us the freedom to show off our personalities in whatever way we want. We can express ourselves without worrying about judgement or criticism from anyone else – something that isn't always possible when we're out there in real life. When I'm not online, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends exploring nature, playing video games, cuddling up with some snacks while watching movies… The list goes on! One thing’s for sure though: no matter what activity I’m doing or who I’m with, having fun is always at the top of my priority list. Being able to work as a webcam model is something that means a lot to me; not only do I get to connect with people from around the world but also make money while doing something that makes me happy! It’s amazing how far technology has come; now we can share our passions right from our own homes without having any physical contact whatsoever (which is great during these times). So if you ever drop by one of my shows (which start every Thursday at 8 pm EST) you'll find someone who loves getting creative on camera and sharing their interests with others! Thanks for reading ;)