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It all started one lonely night. We were bored and felt like doing something different, something exciting. We had heard about webcamcouples, a website where couples could get together in front of the camera to have fun and explore their sexuality. We decided to give it a try – why not? We were both single, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to make some extra money while having some fun!


So, that night we signed up on the website. We created our profile and filled out all our information; age, location, interests etc… It was surprisingly easy – within minutes we were ready to start broadcasting live! The first few weeks were pretty nerve-wracking for us as neither of us had ever done anything like this before. But soon enough we got used to being in front of the camera and interacting with viewers from all over the world.

We slowly became more comfortable with each other on camera and started exploring different types of activities such as sexy talks, roleplaying or even just playing games together – it was really fun! With every session our confidence grew and so did our fan base which made us feel really special! People would send us messages telling us how much they enjoyed watching us perform – that was always really rewarding.

However, while most viewers were respectful there were also some who weren’t so nice; people who would try to push boundaries or say nasty things but luckily those situations didn’t happen too often. After months of performing on webcamcouples we finally decided to take it one step further by offering private shows where viewers could pay extra for an intimate experience with us – that’s when things started getting really interesting!

The private shows allowed us to explore more sexual activities together such as toys and even BDSM if requested by the viewer; it was definitely more thrilling than just performing in public view! Over time we built up quite a large following of regulars who loved watching us do naughty things – this also meant higher earnings for us which was great too!

We continued working on webcamcouples for years until eventually we decided that it was time for something new; maybe even something outside the adult industry altogether? So after 9 long years together we said goodbye to our webcam family (which included many lovely people) and moved onto something new… It has been an incredible journey full of ups & downs but ultimately very rewarding & memorable experience overall – thanks webcamcouples 🙂

Tabbi Gerti

My name is Jane and my partner's name is John. We are a couple who have just started working as webcam models. Our journey began about two months ago when we decided to take the plunge and start our own online business together. We were both somewhat familiar with the webcam modeling industry but didn't know much about it, so we did a lot of research before diving in head-first. After reading up on all the basics, we set up our own studio at home with state-of-the-art equipment for streaming live video feeds onto the web. It took us a few weeks to get everything in place but eventually, we were ready to go! The first thing that surprised us was how easy it was to get started as webcam models – all we had to do was create an account on one of the many streaming platforms out there, fill out some basic information about ourselves, and then upload some pictures of ourselves so that potential viewers could see what they were getting into. We also had to decide on which type of show or content we wanted to provide for our viewers: solo shows, duo shows, or group shows? We decided to go with duo shows since this would allow us both to be involved in every aspect of the process – from planning out each show’s details ahead of time down to responding directly during each live stream session. Within just a few days after launching our profile page and starting our first show together (which happened quite unexpectedly!), we already had dozens of viewers tuning in every day from around the world! This came as such a positive surprise for us since neither one of us ever expected such an immediate response from potential fans/viewers…it truly felt like a dream come true! Since starting off as webcam models two months ago now, John and I have learned so much more than either one of us ever anticipated when signing up for this venture – not only do we now understand how important customer service is within this industry (especially when dealing with repeat customers who become loyal fans over time), but most importantly, John and I have grown closer than ever while creating these incredible memories together through providing sexy content online for all sorts of different types of people around the world. Thus far, it's been an incredibly rewarding experience; one that has only further strengthened our relationship while also giving us financial freedom simultaneously!